Year 9 have just completed an assessment, the results from this showed a number of students standing out as STARS (watch out for the positive postcards that will be coming soon!).

I have decided to pick 2 stars from each class. They are:

Chloe Metcalfe and Lucy Murray from 9B/HS and

Karina Pilkington and Bethany Riley from 9D/HS.

Well done, and keep up the hard work.

In Year 10 they have just handed in a large section of their controlled assessments ready for marking. Most of the group are trying really hard and focusing on getting the best grade they can. Picking 2 from this group is therefore harder as it is a large group.

Congratulations  to Zara Mehmood and Paige O’Hare for the working hard star award.

To the rest of the group, keep trying, complete all work to the best of your ability and it could be you next.

Year 11 are now in their final weeks leading up to their exam. This is when all of your hard work will pay off. Their controlled assessments are going to the exam board next week. A number of students have exceeded their expected grades on their coursework. Well done to you all!

Again it is hard to pick 2 stars – but going from their controlled assessment results, they are Destiny Henry and Saleena Sharif.

Not long now until your exam, keep the focus and make sure you are revising.

Mrs Crawshaw