masterchef-logo-The auditions will take place next Thursday and Friday the 21st and 22nd of April, at 3.20pm, in the Catering Room.

You will need to bring along a carrot and a potato, and we will provide the rest!

If you want to audition but your name isn’t on the list, please see Mrs Neary to arrange.

Good luck!

Mrs Neary and Miss Bedwell


THURSDAY 21/04/16 1 Logan Parkinson 9CV
2 Kyle Miller  9CV
3 Tyrone Graham 9MC
4 Ryan Richardson 9JY
5 Daisy Clemson 10SN
6 Poppy Clemson 9JY
7 Byron McGarry 10MT
8 Lydia Godfrey Harrison 7CR
9 Michael Ingham 8AG
10 Corey O’Brien 8JB
11 Liam Godfrey Harrison 8AB
12 Aaron Allison 8BN
FRIDAY 22/04/16 13 Declan Lee 8RM
14 Alex Haworth 8RM
15 Ella Whalen 7LP
16 Sadie Hodge 7AB
17 Charlotte Hodson Holden 7LP
18 Neave Molyneaux 7AB
19 Owen Woodman 7CR
20 Connor Spencer 8JB
21 Eugene Fenlon 8BN
22 Angel Greenhalgh 7DJ
23 AJ Chadwick 7PF