Maizee-Leigh Cryne, Bethany Berry, Zak Miller, Mueeiz Ali, Megan Storey and Damon Smith.

Rhyddings has just received a brand new award for schools that encourage pupils to take an interest in the democratic process. We are one of the first 19 schools to be recognised by the British Youth Council for encouraging pupils to have their say in society – both within the school or through social action projects in the local community.

The Discovering Democracy Award, which was created to support the need to develop character as well as a strong grounding in core academic subjects, was launched by the British Youth Council in partnership with the Cabinet Office and the Department for Education in September.

The Award aims to showcase those schools who engage young people, particularly those aged 16+, with democracy from an early age, whether that is voting for their representatives or  a school council, or voter registration, or getting involved in social action campaigns.

All awards are judged by a panel of young people and will celebrate and share the success of schools and colleges that go further in equipping their students with the skills and knowledge to use their voice in our society.

Rhyddings held recent elections to elect student parliament candidates, where students were asked place their votes at ‘polling stations’ around school. They have also voted on the issues they would most like to be debated by their local youth parliament representative. Back in September, 15 students visited also visited the Houses of Parliament in London to help gain a better understanding of how the country is run.