Meet Disctracted, teenage singer/songwriter/musician sisters from York.unnamed

16 year old Emily discovered she had a flair for music from a very young age when she picked up the guitar and started writing her own songs. A few months later she asked 14 year old Danielle to sing duet on some of her compositions. The sisters loved singing and performing together so much that Disctracted was born.

In the past few months Disctracted have been hard at work in the recording studio recording their original tracks ready to unleash on the world with some of the biggest producers in the music business. This past summer saw Disctracted perform live to over 30,000 people at shows across the UK including 12,000 girl guides at Wetherby Racecourse.

Disctracted show what can be achieved with hard work and dedication, no matter how young!

They will be coming into Rhyddings on Thursday 9th July 9.15-10.25am with x 2 shows for Evolve students.