Last week students in Skills for Learning got started on building our kitchen garden. They had already completed some research on food production, looking at how various fruits and vegetables go from farm to fork, as well as helping to create a planting calendar for us to use as a reference throughout the year.

We took students from each form into the garden, where some students helped to dig up the existing raised beds and others helped to plant seeds and prepare fruit trees for planting.

The garden project is incorporating a number of topics, including healthy eating, recycling (we still need more large plastic bottles!) and Science and Geography. We are also helping students to understand how they can help their community, as the food grown will be donated to the local foodbank and hopefully to Hyndburn Helpers, who help to feed the homeless.

We are also having a sunflower growing competition, using ziplock bags as mini greenhouses. They are currently taped all over our classroom windows! Students will be looking at how different conditions can impact growth.

We’re looking forward to showing you updates as our garden takes shape!

Miss Bedwell