Dear Parent/Carer,

There are a few short weeks left until the GCSE and BTEC Examinations begin. It is vitally important that your son/daughter begins to focus on a serious revision plan, if they haven’t already done so.

Many teachers have been offering revision sessions before and after school but these have not been as well attended as they could have been. As such we are strongly advising all our Year 11 students to improve their chances by staying at school until 4:15pm each day, to work with their teachers who are the best resource the students have.

The Learning Resource Centre will also be open and available to Year 11 students from 8:00am before school and until 4:15pm after school, where they can learn how to study independently, where they can work with each other and where some staff will be on hand to help guide them.

This is an increasingly busy period of time for your child and we are asking for your support in helping us maximize your child’s chances of success.

Yours sincerely,

Mr P Trickett