In 2015, the music department at Rhyddings will be changing. In order to help Mr Bamford plan and choose the correct activities for students, he is requesting all students who are interested in extra sessions to express interest via email.

Remember – everyone has to start somewhere!

1. Choir/singing: if you are interested in joining a modern style pop choir, email Mr Bamford, explaining why you want to be in a choir. He will be holding some try-outs for this at the end of January.

2. Instrument lessons: if you are interested in having extra instrument lessons, email name, chosen instrument and why you’re interested in learning. For a small cost, extra 1 on 1 sessions can be set up with relevant local professional musicians. This can be drums/guitar/bass/vocals/brass/strings (violin etc)/piano and more.

3. After school band evenings: in January the after school practice and extra tuition will run between 3:15 and 4pm on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Fridays and rooms need to be booked – if you have a band or are interested in starting a group, email Mr Bamford telling him what day you would like to book a room and who your band is.

If you wish to join a band, email Mr Bamford, detailing what instrument you play or sing and explaining why you would be interested.

Email –