Lots of Vivos were awarded last term! Congratulations to the top 10 forms:

1. 7MT – V2650
2. 7LP – V2200
3. 7GH – V2195
4. 7RR – V1728
5. 7NT – V1701
6. 8TS – 1637
7. 9NA – V1476
8. 10MC – V1401
9. 11RP – V1350
10. 9SB – V1221

It’s great to see the KS4 forms in there – well done!

Congratulations also to our top individual earners last term – Julie Walker (V355), Emily Berry (V310), Daisy Clemson (V299), Mumtaz Haidar (V299) and Morgan Herne (V275).

Our KS3 Gold Club reward lunch will be held this term – there are a few students on the cusp of joining the Gold Club, so keep earning your Vivos! There are plenty of new rewards available in the vShop as well, so have a browse and see what takes your fancy. Remember – if you have any suggestions for new rewards, let me know!