Congratulations to our top 10 students this week:

The year group league table is changing all the time, with the exception of year 7 who seem to be streaking ahead. Key Stage 4 students have a bit of catching up to do! Students in year 11 should also remember that prom discount tickets will shortly be available through the vShop – these are your last few weeks to earn Vivos to put towards them.


There will be a push on attendance in the last week of this term and first week of next term. Instead of the usual V1 for 100% attendance and V1 for 100% punctuality, for these weeks we will be offering V5 each – an easy way to collect V20 just for showing up every day and on time.

There are lots of different rewards available in the vShop, from chocolate bars and key rings to high street vouchers and mobile phone top ups. It’s worth browsing through if you haven’t been online for a while as this is updated regularly. See me if you need your details updated.