When a student in your school announces that she or he is contemplating training to be a doctor, they are obviously well aware of the time and commitment it takes to qualify.

However, without ever experiencing the world of medicine, it can be a difficult decision to make.

Of course the best way to overcome this issue is through giving the student first hand experience. Which is why Gap Medics was set up.

We offer students (aged 16 and over) the opportunity to see what the world of medicine is really like. Through our facilities they travel to Tanzania, Zanzibar, the Czech Republic or Thailand to shadow experienced doctors and healthcare professionals.

Not only does this experience help students to make the right decision about their future career, but it is also a useful addition for their UCAS forms.

Our hospital work experience is ideal for those students who are interested in medicine, nursing, dentistry or midwifery.

In terms of the practicalities, students are met at the airport by one of our specialist staff team members and are looked after by an extensive staff team throughout their stay.

If you have any students who are interested in a career in medicine, there are several ways of giving them the relevant information.

  • First, you can of course pass on this email.
  • Second you can direct the student to our website at www.gapmedics.co.uk to find out a lot of detailed information regarding the placements
  • Third you can click here to print out some information to pass to your prospective healthcare students.
  • Finally they can call us on 0191 230 8080 or email us at info@gapmedics.com and we’ll send a brochure in the post.