Things are hotting up in the Vivo league tables! Congratulations to students who have made the top ten earners league table for this week – your Vivos are putting you closer to choosing your own rewards as well as the Gold Club (please note that Vivos earned today aren’t yet showing up in the league tables – so this is the total up to 8am Friday).

Next week is the first of our reward lunches for Gold Club members. All KS4 students who are currently in the Gold Club are invited, along with their year leaders and form tutors, to a pizza lunch on Thursday. Details are in your school email if you’re a member. Reward lunches for KS3 students will take place after Christmas.

We will also have a double points week in the first week of December – once again all budgets for staff will be doubled, along with the value of rewards. This is a great time to boost your Vivo balance and earn your rewards!