Congratulations to year 7 students who are absolutely streaking ahead in the Vivo league tables! They are not only the top year group so far this year, of the top 20 students, 18 come from year 7. A big congratulations to year 11 students who are currently coming second – keep it up!

Our top 10 forms are currently 7LP, 7MT, 7RR, 7GH, 7NT, 11HN, 11RP, 9NA, 9CD and 8TS. It’s time for year 10 to earn their Vivos and their place in the top 10!

There will be another double points week before Christmas, which is a good opportunity to boost your balance and earn rewards. There are lots of new rewards in the vShop, and of course some of the favourites including mobile phone top up vouchers and high street vouchers. If you are unsure how to access the vShop, please come and seem me before school or at break time.