Our students have been exploring the message behind the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign.

Year 7 and 8 students have been preparing a citizenship task to raise awareness of the benefits of walking and cycling to school for students. Year 9 students have focused on the benefits of the new 20 zones in Hyndburn. The Student Voice, Sustainable Champions have been involved in two planning days, involving the ‘Riot Act’ team from Lancashire to prepare their campaigns.

Final Citizenship form presentations will be presented on Monday 28th May- year 7, Tuesday 29th May-year 8, Wednesday 30th May- year 9.
Deb Hadley, Hyndburn Travel Plan Advisor from Lancashire County Council will be visiting Rhyddings on Thursday 31st May to Judge our Campaign.
Here is an example of some of our student posters.
Good luck to everyone involved!
Miss Hussain