I thought a good book was “Demon Thief” by Darren Shan.
The book makes you hooked and is a very interesting read. It is in the horror genre because of the demons and gore. It has 200+ pages so isn’t a very difficult read.

The main person, Kernel Fleck, has a brother called Art who goes missing when a demon named Cadaver collides into the earth dimension. Kernel follows Cadaver through a window into a demon realm. Kernel then meets a group called the disciples.

The disciples were  Beranabus, Nadia, Raz and Sharmilla who make a deal with Kernel. Beranabus says that if Kernel helps him locate the Kah-Gash he will help find Art. The Kah-Gash is a sacred weapon. This is the only weapon that can destroy Lord Loss(the master demon). Unfortunately the Kah-Gash had been shattered into different pieces. A

After a while of inconvenience and miss happening, Kernel found one piece of the Kah-Gash. Beranabus agreed to help find Art who they found with the help of Kernel’s recently discovered power to create windows because of the lights in his mind.

However, there was a twist: Lord Loss summoned Kernel into an ancient chess board and he then had to find demons that he thought stole Art. After a while he used two turns of guessing and his final decision was himself and his brother turned out to be a demon himself! This demon was called Artery.

When Kernel originally went to the demon realm he stole Artery and believed him to be his brother. When Kernel got back to Earth it had been 20 years but he still looked the same as he did before he left. His parents had moved on. One day Kernel went into his parents messy room and discovered a photo of his family. Art, Mum, Dad however, he had been scribbled out. This made him want to disappear. So he did. He returned to Beranabus and carried on finding missing pieces of the Kah-Gash.

The story line is great and explains everything very clearly and every page is as interesting as the last. The chapters aren’t too long (about 9 to 12 pages) and it has about 26 chapters.