Didn’t you do well!

Congratulations to the football team for getting through to the next round of the Lancashire cup; 4-3 against the Academy (very satisfying writing that!).

We are the attendance challenge winners again 6th week running – you little beauties. Yr 10 91.4%,  Yr 11 91.9%, and we’re in the lead up to now this week. Mrs Cryne has stooped so low as to say we’re cheating, but you know sour grapes don’t taste nice!

Weekly form challenge:

11 LP 98.1%

11NT 97.1%

11 SN 95.5%

Congratulations; vivos have been awarded.

Keep it up Yr 11s, 3 weeks till the Christmas break, maximum attendance and effort please then you can have a well earned rest before we start the run in to you leaving. Believe me it’ll soon be here, make the most of the remaining weeks and gain the maximum benefit from them. Rant over!