A brilliant day was had by all students and staff today.

Many thanks to Nicola for her Zumba session.  Mr Breckell certainly knows how to shake his maracas and Mrs Reilly and Mrs Cryne shook their booties with the best!  Nicola has classes in the area and  leaflets for her classes for both teenagers and adults are available  in both Key Stage bases so get a wiggle on!

A brilliant morning of cakes,  hot chocolate, stalls, gorgeous bacon and egg muffins courtesy of  Miss Greenhalgh and Mr Scott [Andy] and a great scavenger hunt organised by Miss Bedwell was completed by a fabulous showcase of our school performers who were truly brilliant, confident, tuneful and rhythmic.

In order of appearance: Rhianna, Nathan, Flood, Zoe, Brian, Alex, Katie, Kadie, Amel, Roy, Chris, Lauren, Paige, Obscure Confession, Daisy, Celine, Cameron, Amber, Caillean, Jane, Stephanie, Kim, Arfina and Stephanie with superb guitar from Mrs Marshall and a special appearance by Mr Blobby!

Thank you to everyone who got into costume, bought the goodies, bought the tickets and had a great day.  We in Key Stage 4 would like to thank everyone for their efforts. Truly spectacular!

Oh – and you raised a total of £1209.20 for Tickled Pink and Turn Blue!