Year 8 Parents Evening 29th March 2017

Dear Parents/Carers of Students in Years 8,

You are invited to a parents evening for your son/daughter on Wednesday 29th March 2017. Appointments will be available from 4pm until 6.30pm.

The appointments will be with your son/daughter’s subject teachers who will be keen to discuss the attitude to learning, effort and progress of students in relation to their targets in each subject area. This would also be a good opportunity to start talking about potential GCSE options, as the process of choosing options will be starting soon. Mrs Brown, from the SEN department will also be available if you would like to discuss anything with her.  Please make every effort to attend as it is only by working in partnership with parents that we can ensure your son/daughter is working towards their full potential in school.

We look forward to seeing you.

Mrs S Cryne
Year 8 Leader

Year 8 Science – Heart Dissections

Year 8 students have been learning about respiration during this cycle of work. Part of this involves looking at the role of the heart in respiration, and as such we’ve been dissecting hearts to have a closer look at their structure. Students in Mr Paterson’s and Miss Bedwell’s class took a look at an ox heart (which is actually from a cow!), and Mr Dutton’s class dissected lamb hearts.

Once we got past the initial fears and squeamishness, the students quite enjoyed having a look and feel of it all – and now even know that heartstrings are a real thing!

New Political Minds (current Y11 students only)

3 day free residential research workshop run by the Richardson Institute

30th and 31st August & 1st September 2017 at Lancaster University

lancaster uniLancaster University has recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  The Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion wishes to revitalise Politics/International Relations by bringing together the 35 finest young political minds (Year 12, 16 -17 year olds) to build towards the next 50 years of the University’s life and the next half century of UK Politics.

In this unique event, successful applicants will work with Politics/IR academic staff and the Richardson Institute, the UK’s oldest Peace and Conflict Research Centre, over three days to produce a series of reports on the future of Britain as seen through the eyes of people entering into the world of politics. 

Students will stay on campus in Lancaster University’s award-winning accommodation and will experience a range of evening activities run by Lancaster University’s Student Ambassadors.

Places at the event will be determined by completion of the application form below, in which the best entrants will be invited. As a student at Rhyddings you can apply for this course. Please see Mrs Crawshaw for further details. All applications must be completed by 15th April.

XTEND Activities

As we move into the final stages of Year 11 exam preparations, the majority of XTEND activities will end this week, for the remainder of this term.

Externally coached activities will continue however – this is Boys football (Tuesday), Girls football (Wednesday) and PE Dance (Thursday).
XTEND will recommence in the Summer term when we will launch our new activity list.

Year 7 Science – Electricity in a circuit

Mr Merritt’s 7y1 class have been learning about electric circuits. They were set the challenge of finding different ways of modelling what happens in electric circuits. The students showed real teamwork and creativity in the way they approached the task. They will present their models to their peers, give feedback and use this to improve their models.